Digital Transformation

Our Digital Transformation Framework drives the creation of technology leveraging strategies to improve your business capability, capacity, efficiency, growth potential and your organization's ability to scale.

This may involve sourcing new industry leading solutions, building custom applications and delivery infrastructures, as well as enhancing existing systems, all focused towards streamlining and optimizing end-to-end processes to free up resources and build business capacity.

Why Us?

We are highly reputable, and have extensive experience working with organizations on the development and Implementation of digital transformation strategic plans.

We have the following accreditations:

Agile Approach

We connect with the client to conduct a discovery meeting to understand their current business environment, vision, challenges and share our success stories and approach.

We engage in multiple group sessions with key employees through interviews and meetings to: capture, document and validate specific key processes, details and priorities. We conduct detailed analysis of the current state environment, your future state vision and requirements.

We identify improvements and opportunities by aligning systems and processes that will make your business more efficient, cost effective and will provide a path for continued growth and sustainability. We develop a Digital Transformation Plan with recommendations for a tailored solution to meet their needs.

We provide an implementation schedule and timelines that are based on industry best practices. We assist with the Implementation phase of the digital transformation strategic plan and ensure that you are better positioned to realize the benefits. We become Partners for life through ongoing support and advisory services.


IPSG strives to continue its mission of digitally transforming the world one client at a time.

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