IPSG Technology is a certified women owned, leading-edge, Technology Solutions Provider who specializes in helping companies identify and address their business and technology challenges, attain strategic goals, and achieve business objectives through the development and implementation of a digital strategy and adoption plan.

IPSG Technology provides Application Design and Development, System Selection and Implementation, Website Management and IT Consulting Services.

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IPSG Technology is a WBE Certified.
IPSG Technology has a Federal Government "Secret Level" Facility Security Clearance and Protected "B" Document Safeguarding Certification.
IPSG Technology is a Certified Canadian Digital Adoption Plan (CDAP) Advisor.

IPSG Technology has offices across Canada in Ottawa, Ontario, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Halifax, Nova Scotia and Miami, Florida.

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Value Propositions

  • We hold Secret Facility Security Clearance and Protected B (Data) issued by the Federal Government of Canada
  • We are recognized as one of Canada's diversity employers, focused on building a culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging
  • We are recognized for being a lean cost-effective solution-based services provider with:

    • Flexibility
    • Diversification
    • Agility

Our Vision & Mission

To continue our journey as a national industry leader who is committed to supporting our clients' success
To provide industry first class service, superior quality, and on-point value

Our Federal & Provincial Procurement Vehicles

  • Federal Government - Task Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS)
  • Federal Government - ProServices
  • Federal Government - Temporary Help Services (THS)
  • Province of New Brunswick - Standing Offer for IT Services
  • Province of British Columbia - Standing Offer for IT Services
  • Federal Government - Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS)
  • Province of Ontario - Standing Offer for IT Services
  • Province of Nova Scotia - Standing Offer for IT Services
  • Province of Newfoundland - Standing Offer for IT Services
  • Province of Alberta - Standing Offer for IT Services


SMET Monuments
Our experience working with IPSG was fantastic, the entire team was very dedicated and involved, working through the entire process to present a functional solution to our issues. The weekly meetings were great at keeping everyone on the same page, and the communication throughout the process was done very well. I don’t have any critiques or things to improve on, everything went very well, complete on time and budget. The differentiating factors I would say comes down to the quickness and responsiveness of the team, as well as the strong technical backing and years of experience some other firms lack in.
Jarvis S. - Director

City of Fredericton
Your company has been a valuable partner for the City of Fredericton. You have a good depth of technical resources and a very well managed firm in my experience.
Adam B. - CIO

Clearview - A Panasonic Company
We have always received extremely skilled resources from IPSG. Over the past several years, our project lifecycles depended on an infusion of technical talent from IPSG and we have been very pleased with the service, professionalism and expertise we have received. We have been able to rely on resources for long projects and short projects alike, and have several that have been working with us for several years.
Michael L. - President and CEO

DEC/CED – Central Canada
For years the IPSG team has worked with us in the delivery of application development and web services projects, even if we ask at the last minute, they never say “NO” they can’t do it, they just get it done. There have been many times when the team worked on weekends to help us meet critical deadlines, they always deliver quality work and never let us down.
Sandra D. - Director

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